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Revolution Innovation Awards 2009

March 31, 2009

OK, I’m a bit late on this – the Revolution Innovation awards happend a couple of Fridays back – but it’s still worth a  mention. Now in it’s 12th year, the awards are widely regarded as the definitive benchmark in digital marketing and the nominees classed as the ‘industry elite’. The judging panel is pretty heavyweight too – Daniel Bonner (Chief Creative Officer at Dare), Colin Nimick (Executive Creative Director at OgilvyOne) and James Sanderson (Chief Operating Officer at Glue) to name just a few Agency side. Not many suprises in the winners row, for listing of the finalists and winners click this link. Some of the top award winners:

Agency of the Year – AKQA

The Revolution Award for Innovation – Nike’s I-photo by AKQA

Digital Marketer of the Year- Simon Pestridge, Marketing Director at Nike

Revolution Innovation Awards 2009

Revolution Innovation Awards 2009


The Impossible Pitch

March 30, 2009

This really grabbed my attention. I first read about it on the Pod1 Blog and was instantly keen on finding out more. The concept is simple – 3 intern employees from a small agency in Sweden, volontaire, were given the task of pitching to Adidas. The objective – win the account. Time to prepare – 3 weeks. The Impossible Pitch?! according to Adidas Impossible is Nothing (hence the name!).

volontaire have created this microsite on the day-today followings of the Impossible Pitch – have a read and follow.

What an opportunity. We had our own impossible pitch here at Redweb last year for a large financial client which I was part of – not quite as glamorous as Adidas and although we won the project, it got axed in the credit crunch and never saw the light of day!


The Pitch Team

Not-for-profit waking up to Digital

March 30, 2009

Just as the Britsh Government seems to be taking stock of all things digital – an announcement from Oxfam (probably one of the World’s best known Charities) has decided to appoint a ‘Head of Digital Communications’ role for the first time. This brand new role underlines Oxfam’s efforts to  “put digital strategy at the forefront of it’s marketing objectives for 2009”.  Sam Bain, Head of Ecommerce at Oxfam, adds, “Digital is an area of investment and focus for the entire organisation and increasingly the principal channel for our direct-response campaigns.” The new position comes in-line with the appointment of Cheeze DMG as it’s new full service digital agency, working with the charity on everything from creative work to media planning/buying. Historically, Oxfam has worked with Razorfish for the past 5 years – who suprisingly, declined to re-pitch for the account.

Personally, I really cant believe an organisation of this scale has only just thought it would be a good idea to create a position of this kind – nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing what campaigns come out of it. Watch this space.

Oxfam Website

Oxfam Website

Client wins/losses in tough times

March 26, 2009

Its tough out there at the moment. Clients are tightening their belts fast, and I have really started noticing a trend of watching the pennies – even with some of our largest clients. This said, I have noticed a few big client wins  in the press of late –  Sapient have  re-won the Star Alliance account (major global airline alliance) in a three-way pitch for another 2 years and, Agency Republic have scooped the Royal Air Force account to create a series of campaigns based on increasing the uptake of careers in the RAF.

Whilst talking about wins, It’s also worth mentioning a few big client losses.  British Airways have reportly moved their digital work away from to their integrated supplier ZenithOptiMedia. In addition, Harvest Digital have recently lost the Tesco Media planning/buying account. I am sure these were both two extremley large spending clients – what happend to digital marketing not being effected by the reccession?!

There is new work out there. But I think it’s really a case of quality over quantity and choosing carefully exactly the right clients to pursue. Consolidating where your strengths are, in which industry sectors, should aid the decision making process – think strategically.

How will it work out for Digital Agencies?

How will it work out for Digital Agencies?

Digital Agencies of Twitter

March 26, 2009

The Twitter revolution is well and truly upon us. But which Digital Agencies have jumped on the bandwagon and started ‘corporate tweeting’?

Econsultancy have put togther a list of who’s doing what on Twitter, and it’s suprising that some of the big guys are bucking the trend. Check out some highlights of the full listing below. Quick plug for Redweb on Twitter – Follow us at Chattered

  • @razorfish – 1,628 followers so far
  • @agencycom – apparently its ‘unofficial’ 
  • @daredigital – an unimpressive 176 followers!
  • @agencyrepublic – only 196 followers
  • @altogther – ONLY 63?
  • @lightmaker – just 43, but we’ll let them off as they only started last month!
  • @cscape – again, they’ve only just joined but some on guys, 33 followers – you can do better than that.

So is it just a matter of time before the likes of LBi , Sapient, Detica and Conchango join the massess, or are these agencies far too big and important to be wasting their time on Twitter?! – Funnily enough, most of their Twitter names are already taken!!


Redweb Chattered on Twitter

Redweb Chattered on Twitter

Government to appoint Digital Champion

March 24, 2009

Hot off the press, the government is looking to appoint someone to spear-head the UK’s digital technologies and act as an ambassador for all things digital.

 As reported in NMA, This digital ‘Champion’ will take responsibility for encouraging the UK Public to embrace digital technology and encourage young people especially to get to grips with the digital channels. Cause for this is backed up by evidence that young people without access to digital technology were likely to suffer, particularly within their careers where 90% of job applications are now done online.

 The news of this appointment was unveiled at Mobile Government conference in London – It was said that this mystery digital guru will work independently to the core functions of the government, acting more on a consultant basis.

So, the big question – who is Digital Champion going to be? – personally, I think it would be great to offer this position out to the head of digital at one of the UK’s top digital agencies – AKQA , Sapient or Conchango.  Surely these guys are leading from the front in the private sector – why can’t this be transferred in the public sector?! 

The UK Digital Champion?

The UK Digital Champion?

Finally…the new Blog goes LIVE!

March 24, 2009

This is the start of something BIG. My new blog, finally goes live. 

After months of contemplation whether this whole ‘blogging’ thing was really for me – I decided to up my game and fully re-vamp my old blog and streamline it down to specialise on just one subject matter – Digital Agencies. I keep reading that ‘content is king’ so I’m going to try my best to keep up with the latest news and happenings in the world of agency life – baring in mind I do have my own set of clients to look after! 

Thanks goes to Carl Martin of Mobile Advertising Matters for the motivation and Joe Gallagher, Lead Designer at Redweb for the design help 😉

Keep checking back.

Digital Agencies move towards Verticals

March 23, 2009

In a time where organisations are slashing marketing budgets quicker than Usain Bolt doing the 100 metres, a trend of digital agencies moving towards specialist industry verticals is becoming ever more apparent. To name a couple of examples: BigPink, a specialist digital agency who work for Pharmaceutical organisations or Heath Wallace who focus on financial services…

Now I know this isn’t anything too new or cutting edge. Some of these guys have been specialising for years. My thoughts are more based on whether in the years to come – will all digital agencies be sticking to what they do best, and become specialists in particular industries? How will this effect creativity and innovation?

Every digital agency has a unique selling point – but should this really be a based on working solely in a dedicated industry?

To use my current agency Redweb as an example – our pedigree is in Government and Financial sectors – with extremely strong and noteworthy credentials in both. But does this mean that a company like Nokia for example, would never consider working with us because we don’t have strong telecommunications experience…?

I guess this now brings up the issue of transferable skill sets and knowledge bases. Who’s to say that an agency couldn’t produce some great work for an organisation in a sector they haven’t worked in a great deal – Having a fresh approach could work in their favour!

Finally a guide to working with Digital Agencies!

March 23, 2009

At last some bright spark (well, the ISBA – Advertising body) have published a report on ‘How to work with a digital agency’.

The guide was written in conjunction with I-level and Dare…these  guys know what their talking about, so I’m hoping it’s a good read!

NMA (New Media Age) cite the release as:

 “a 50-page guide that will outline the key differences between traditional and digital agencies, and give advice on digital practices, pitches and negotiations.”

In my opinion, this is well over due. Too many times have organisations have mis-understood digital agencies as purely fulfilment houses for their digital output.

A digital agency has their finger on the pulse of latest technologies, current digital trends and cutting edge campaign ideas. I see digital agencies as consultants rather than purely a company that churns out websites, email newsletters or similar.

To reminisce on one occasion, I can remember questioning a client on their rationale of adding a new editable area to their homepage. After a moment of confusion and a look of “why do you need to know this?” – He replied, because I want to add a promotion area to drive people to a certain product page.

If he has asked the original question “how do I drive traffic to certain product page on my website” – The answer could have been so much more prolific than simply “adding an editable area on the homepage”!

All clients who use digital agencies – please take note 😉