Digital Agencies move towards Verticals

In a time where organisations are slashing marketing budgets quicker than Usain Bolt doing the 100 metres, a trend of digital agencies moving towards specialist industry verticals is becoming ever more apparent. To name a couple of examples: BigPink, a specialist digital agency who work for Pharmaceutical organisations or Heath Wallace who focus on financial services…

Now I know this isn’t anything too new or cutting edge. Some of these guys have been specialising for years. My thoughts are more based on whether in the years to come – will all digital agencies be sticking to what they do best, and become specialists in particular industries? How will this effect creativity and innovation?

Every digital agency has a unique selling point – but should this really be a based on working solely in a dedicated industry?

To use my current agency Redweb as an example – our pedigree is in Government and Financial sectors – with extremely strong and noteworthy credentials in both. But does this mean that a company like Nokia for example, would never consider working with us because we don’t have strong telecommunications experience…?

I guess this now brings up the issue of transferable skill sets and knowledge bases. Who’s to say that an agency couldn’t produce some great work for an organisation in a sector they haven’t worked in a great deal – Having a fresh approach could work in their favour!


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