Finally a guide to working with Digital Agencies!

At last some bright spark (well, the ISBA – Advertising body) have published a report on ‘How to work with a digital agency’.

The guide was written in conjunction with I-level and Dare…these  guys know what their talking about, so I’m hoping it’s a good read!

NMA (New Media Age) cite the release as:

 “a 50-page guide that will outline the key differences between traditional and digital agencies, and give advice on digital practices, pitches and negotiations.”

In my opinion, this is well over due. Too many times have organisations have mis-understood digital agencies as purely fulfilment houses for their digital output.

A digital agency has their finger on the pulse of latest technologies, current digital trends and cutting edge campaign ideas. I see digital agencies as consultants rather than purely a company that churns out websites, email newsletters or similar.

To reminisce on one occasion, I can remember questioning a client on their rationale of adding a new editable area to their homepage. After a moment of confusion and a look of “why do you need to know this?” – He replied, because I want to add a promotion area to drive people to a certain product page.

If he has asked the original question “how do I drive traffic to certain product page on my website” – The answer could have been so much more prolific than simply “adding an editable area on the homepage”!

All clients who use digital agencies – please take note 😉




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