Digital Agencies of Twitter

The Twitter revolution is well and truly upon us. But which Digital Agencies have jumped on the bandwagon and started ‘corporate tweeting’?

Econsultancy have put togther a list of who’s doing what on Twitter, and it’s suprising that some of the big guys are bucking the trend. Check out some highlights of the full listing below. Quick plug for Redweb on Twitter – Follow us at Chattered

  • @razorfish – 1,628 followers so far
  • @agencycom – apparently its ‘unofficial’ 
  • @daredigital – an unimpressive 176 followers!
  • @agencyrepublic – only 196 followers
  • @altogther – ONLY 63?
  • @lightmaker – just 43, but we’ll let them off as they only started last month!
  • @cscape – again, they’ve only just joined but some on guys, 33 followers – you can do better than that.

So is it just a matter of time before the likes of LBi , Sapient, Detica and Conchango join the massess, or are these agencies far too big and important to be wasting their time on Twitter?! – Funnily enough, most of their Twitter names are already taken!!


Redweb Chattered on Twitter

Redweb Chattered on Twitter


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