Mobile Marketing for Digital Agencies

With the increasing trend of digital marketing moving towards a mobile platform, I am noticing more and more digital agencies are starting to take stock and dedicate more specialist resource in this area. One example I recently saw was digital media agency BLM Quantum, who have just launched a dedicated mobile division following successful campaigns with some big name clients.

When talking about all things mobile, it’s not just traditional methods of communication such as SMS that are grabbing peoples attention – Digital Agencies are pioneering  a variety of mobile channels including  MMS, Bluetooth, location-based services, QR codes, bespoke applications and mobile internet advertising. 

So moving forwards, will all Digital Agencies start offering mobile solutions under the ‘full service’ umbrella? or will specialist mobile marketing agencies continue to dominate the scene?

One example to note is close to home- here at Redweb we are stepping up our game in terms of Mobile, launching soon our first i-phone application. Quick plug for a friend and colleague; check out the self proclaimed ‘Mobile Evangelist’  Carl Martins Blog, Mobile Advertsing Matters on all things mobile.

Will all Digital Agencies start offering Mobile Solutions?

Will all Digital Agencies start offering Mobile Solutions?


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