The First Twitter-Focused Digital Agency

I have been taken back with the progress of Twitter over the past 6 months. But when I heard there was a new start-up digital agency focusing purely on Twitter Apps for clients, I thought it was a be-lated April fool. How wrong I was – this is now serious business. Twitter Partners, are a brand new digital agency who are building a suite of apps, tools and services to help brands, media companies, and celebrities harness the power of the Twitter ecosystem (in their own words!).

Working in conjunction with some big name agencies like Razorfish and Latitude, these guys are taking corporate micro-blogging to the next level. And with clients like Virgin Media and Universal Music on their books, they will no doubt attract a great deal of attention in the industry! Rumour has it, that even Twitter themselves are interested in investing an equity stake in the start-up. First mover advantage really does have it’s perks!

According to an article on Brand Republic, Twitter Partners have  approximately 30 staff, mostly engineers, who  focus on technical rather than commercial development of the social media platform. Personally, I think it’s great to see the emergence of new technologies taking digital agencies to the next level.

The New 'Twitter Focused' Digital Agency

The New 'Twitter Focused' Digital Agency


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