Digital Agency + Successful work = More work

It’s simple really. If you produce something good, shout about it to the hills and it’s successful in it’s own right for the end client…you may just get more work. Digital agencies have been relying on this formula since their existence, it’s nothing new! So when Digital agency Jigsaw created some excellent digital work for Walkers Crisps, the announcement that a recent win to create a site for PepsiCo in Canada (who own the American brand, Lays Crisps) wasn’t too much of a surprise. Moreover, the win is the first international brand for the agency which makes it all the sweeter.

This concept has really become even more significant in recent months as the recession pinches. Everyone is going that extra mile to create digital output that is just that little bit better than before. All in hope that “if we do this well, we’ll get more work”. So surely I wouldn’t be wrong in suggesting that the recession is pushing innovation and creativity forward in the digital industry? Let’s not get carried away…!

International Client win for Digital Agency Jigsaw

International Client win for Digital Agency Jigsaw


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One Response to “Digital Agency + Successful work = More work”

  1. Carl Martin Says:

    Good post Neil.

    I think the key driver for most agencies right now is finding the most functional and practical solution. A lot of the time, in trying to find the most practical solution, agencies are doing something quite innovative without even realising! However it is also clear that if you throw all your chips into the creativity hat that there is a chance that it may not be successful. The well advertised agency redundancies in recent weeks demonstrate the delicate balance.

    Its when the pressure is on and the temperature is turned up that the creative human mind is at its best!

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