New Skool Collaboration for Digital Agencies

There’s a real buzz about winning a new project – especially when it comes down to the wire at a really competitive pitch. But surely there can only be one winner?! Apparently not. Canon, one of the worlds leaders in photographic equipment and imaging products have recently chosen both Tequilla\London and to work collaboratively on their new corporate website. Now we’re not talking about a traditional collaboration here of one agency to do the design and another to do the build – no, this is far more complex than that. Canon has chosen Tequilla\London for their expertise in User centric design and for their stringent project management and delivery techniques.

So let’s get this straight, one agency is going to create the website and the other is going to project manage and deliver it?! I’ve never heard of an agency collaboration of this fashion before. At first glance this sounds like a cat fight waiting to happen, but on reflection, I think it could work really well. Every agency has their strengths – so why not let the client decide where these are for their particular project and let both agencies work their hardest to produce the best end product. That’s the idea anyway – I will reserve final judgement until we see the new site!

New Skool Collaboration for Digital Agencies

New Skool Collaboration for Digital Agencies


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