New Management = New Digital Agency?

I’ve seen this happen so many times. The moment a new senior manager comes through the door client side, they want to review the agency roster. Some argue that it’s just a way of stamping down authority in the short-term, but others will admit that with change comes new ideas and new ways of thinking.

I noticed an example in the press the other afternoon; British Gas have recently appointmented former HBOS marketer Rick Vlemmiks as marketing director. He has ordered a formal review of all agencies working with the organisation and given strict deadlines for credential submission. He has even tasked the potential new suppliers to giving “honest opinions” on their current web presence – this guy is not mucking around, but on an account of that size with their budgets…he doesn’t have to!

It’s always difficult to balance the addition of new client side decision makers from a digital agency perspective. Often it’s a positive outcome, but just as often it’s a drawn out process of the ‘new guy’ convincing people around them to bring in an agency he/she has worked with previously. Merely a fact of agency life unfortunately.

New Management = New Digital Agency?

New Management = New Digital Agency?


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