VCCP Launch new Social Communications Agency

Thanks to fellow Redweb colleague Rob Murray for bringing this to my attention – VCCP have just recently launched a brand new ”Social Communications Agency” called ICON. The new agency, in collaboration with PR agency Resonate, aims to bring together digital, advertising and PR skills to social media to further stimulate conversations and social relationships between consumers and brands, and encourage consumer advocacy. WOW! that is one hell of a statement!

This move is a bold one, but for anyone who doesn’t already know – VCCP are a top agency who have produced many first-class campaigns for some of the best brands around. My personal favourite being the compare-the-meerkat work for No doubt this campaign in particular has been a catalyst for ICON’s creation as it is currently pushing the boundaries in integrated marketing (mainly through digital channels!). Can’t wait to see what’s next from ICON.

VCCP Launches new Social Communications Agency

VCCP Launches new Social Communications Agency


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3 Responses to “VCCP Launch new Social Communications Agency”

  1. Amelia Says:

    Thank you for your kind words. The ICON project is a really exciting one, and one that clients seem to find fascinating. I do think that the spaces of Advertising, Digital and PR are converging (or SHOULD be coverging) in new and un-expected ways.

  2. welshbikers Says:

    Great ideas from great people
    How do they think them all up?

    • neilpotter Says:

      Great Creative minds I’d say. Agencies such as VCCP and even Albion (where I work) thrive on being ideas driven. Idea first then the solution. VCCP did’nt sit round and think – we want to make ‘something’ massive on Twitter – they developed a character that would attract people to interact with it and then found the perfect platform for it. They struck gold.

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