How long is too long for a Digital Agency Pitch?

How long is a piece of string? – twice the length from the middle to the end, some smart arses might say…but how long is the pitch process for a digital agency to win a new project or campaign? now that is a question that could have endless possible answers.

I read in the press recently that AKQA have recently won the Fitness First digital account in a staggering 3 month pitch against RMG Connect. That is a seriously long time for a client to make their minds up – but when the pot of gold at the end is to create a whole new digital marketing strategy for a company worth in the region of £900 million… 3 months doesn’t actually sound that long.

I’m not going to get into that historical debate whether clients should pay for new agencies to spend their time ‘pitching’. It’s been kicking round for years, and the only agencies who seem to moan about how much it costs are the ones who never win anything decent. A cost of sale is a cost of sale, no matter what.

There is no magical formula in a client’s decision making process when choosing a digital agency – often when time is of the essence, a decision could be made the same day. Other clients (mostly public sector or very large corporates) have to consider a tender process which may take months before even meeting with the potential suppliers, getting slowed by invitations to tender and PQQ’s.

In my personal experience, I have seen timescales ranging from hours to months and days to weeks – it really just depends on the client and the project or campaign in question.  But one thing is for certain, PATIENCE is required no matter who or what the situation is. Too many times I’ve heard of nightmare stories where pushy sales people try to close a deal too soon.

AKQA win Fitness First Pitch

AKQA win Fitness First Pitch


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