Digital Agency Match-Making

I was reading through some updates on Twitter the other afternoon when I saw one in particular which caught my eye. 

“OK. We’ve got an internet start-up who’s got £200k to spend helping them launch. And we can find just one agency who’ll speak to them. Why?”

Now as you would imagine – the salesman in me got a bit excited – so I messaged the guy I am following, Adam Whittaker at RSW, asking for some more details. Now I’m not that naive to think it would all be that simple – Adam mailed me back to say he was running the search for a digital agency through the AgencyFinder service. I’m honest enough to say I’d never heard of it until then. 

AgencyFinder is the internet’s first and only on-line and off-line consulting service for client and agency match-making. In simple terms, they source pre-qualified marketing agencies (Digital, PR, Integrated, Design etc.) for clients to help them find a suitable agency for their project and similarly, help Agencies find clients they want to work with. An interesting proposition…but does it really work?! – The statistics say it all.

In the UK alone AgencyFinder has so far been appointed to handle searches valued at in  excess of £15m since September 2008. 

I’ve worked for agencies before who have had trouble with not enough leads coming through the door and likewise, there are many big agencies out there who simply just don’t have the time to sort the wheat from the chaff in terms of new business opportunities. This is where AgencyFinder fits.

OK, it might not be for everyone – and it’s certainly not a free service (£3,295 per year to register) – but if you only got one new client from it in this tough economic climate, surely it’s more than worth it.

For more information contact Adam Whittaker at RSW (AgencyFinder UK Partner) for some more details.

RSW AgencyFinder UK Partner

RSW AgencyFinder UK Partner


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