Digital Agency Redweb Launch i-phone App

OK, a bit of a plug for Redweb, but the team here have been working extremely hard to get this out the door so this is well deserved. Today marks the launch of Redweb’s first i-phone app – The Wheel of Tea. It’s a massive step forward for our agency to create a bespoke application of this kind – we’re a design and build agency through and through – and taking the leap into new areas is both a risk and an opportunity. 

The idea itself, spear-headed by David Burton (Head of Innovation), is something of a novelty – an application which chooses who is going to make the next tea round. Moreover,  it was the creation of the application itself from scratch and the strategy behind getting it out there to the masses really being put to the test. 

This is a first-class example (although I’m a little biased) of a digital agency pushing the boundaries in the economic downturn; investing in new technologies and stepping out of the comfort zone. Download The Wheel of Tea now!

Redweb's i-phone app launches today!

Redweb's i-phone app launches today!


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