LBi pinpoint the problem for Digital Agencies

I have been trying so hard recently to draw some commonsensical conclusions on the global recession and how it is affecting digital agencies. The press, similar to my blog posts, have been up and down with statements of how badly the recession is hitting us; drawing both positives (creativity and innovation) and negatives (job losses and lower revenues) from the black cloud that is sitting over the UK and beyond. 

It’s not like the digital industry is suffering really badly – Digital agencies are still thriving. But, and it’s quite a big but, clients are tightening budgets and making cost saving measures. The best clarification of the situation has been summed up brilliantly by Luke Taylor, CEO of LBi in a recent press release on the companies 5.9% fall in revenue.

“Headline budgets for digital are broadly stable or even slightly up on last year billings, but it’s project momentum that has been negatively impacted by recently accelerated organisational change within the client marketing function”

It’s not confidence in digital or agencies that’s being questioned in the recession – after all we all know digital marketing is the most accountable and measurable of all marketing techniques. it’s just all down to the clients – their industry, sector, customer base and product range or service. So is it fair to say, if you’ve got the right clients – you wont be affected by the recession at all? …that is wishful thinking.

LBi pinpoint the problem for Digital Agencies

LBi pinpoint the problem for Digital Agencies


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