Digital Agencies – 5 Tips for winning new business

I really enjoyed reading a recent blog post from Econsultancy on 5 top tips to win new business in a recession. Created for ‘consultants’ it’s easily applicable to digital agencies (we are consultants after all!).

 The 5 top tips are detailed below with some feedback:

Don’t stop investing – EXACTLY. So many times I’ve said that digital agencies should be investing in new technologies, new innovations and new ways of thinking – especially when times are tough. Differentiating from the competition is a great way of gaining new business and giving yourself that cutting edge that will win pitches. Even if the client isn’t looking for anything that’s going to win a webby – knowing they are working with a progressive, ambitious agency goes a long way.

Cut costs by cutting clients – INTERESTING. I’ve seen this work both ways – for smaller agencies wanting to progress on to bigger and better – cutting clients that are holding them back is a must. It’s a fine line though and sometimes you have to go back to go forwards if that makes sense!

 Don’t undercharge – SPOT ON. Undervaluing the service your offering is a seriously bad move for digital agencies. Although clients are looking to make cost savings, it’s making a rod for your back. If your credentials/proven track record is strong enough, you shouldn’t have to slash your prices.

 Build your skill set. – OBVIOUS. Similar to the first point, building on new skills or developing threshold skills further during a recession is vital to digital agencies. There is always someone willing to go that extra bit further.

 Deliver, deliver, deliver – VITALI think they must have read a previous blog post of mine when deciding on this one! – The key to getting more work is creating great work for your clients. It may sound obvious, but the best relationships are the long term ones, don’t give your clients the excuse to look at other agencies.

Digital Agencies - 5 tips to win new business

Digital Agencies - 5 tips to win new business


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