Digital Agencies: It’s all about service

If you don’t look after your clients, someone else will. It’s as straightforward as that. And now, more than ever, really is the time to bring this to the front of our minds.

It’s widely noted that digital agencies approach the client service relationship a little differently from traditional agencies. The fast pace of evolving technology and skill-sets means the retention of our clients can often be questionable. And with many clients still bought on working to a project-by-project basis – What can we do to stop our clients looking else where? Improve our client service relationship, that’s what.

The extra mile we go for our clients isn’t a crowded road. Too many digital agencies are content with doing exactly what the client asks and no more. But it’s the agencies in the consultant mind-set – the ones who question briefs and offer improved solutions and generally exceed client expectation in terms of service and delivery, that will reap the rewards of high client retention figures. These are the digital agencies who will invited to internal strategy meetings…and paid accordingly.

Providing a first-class ‘service’ for your clients isn’t about smiling politely or nodding in agreement at mundane ideas – it’s about putting yourself in the clients shoes, analysing what they really want out of a piece of work – not just what they ask for. It’s about offering a value-added service that will make a difference.

Creating this champions league level client service isn’t just for the suits. It’s a wider issue that extends further than just account teams and client service personnel. The designers and developers play their part too. It’s up to them to think about whether their creation is up to the mark. They need to take that extra minute to think about the objectives when trawling through i-stock imagery or writing a piece of code. And even more significantly, it’s up to the management team to create a company culture that caters for the pinnacle in client service relationships.

It needs to be thought through. But do it now…before brand republic are publishing another press release from your competitor.

It's all about service

It's all about service


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