Digital Agencies: An Assumption too far

Working in digital, often with clients who aren’t fully versed with all things web based, one thing you just can’t do… is assume anything. And trust me, this only comes with experience.

I’ll leave it to the Project Management types to preach the significance of crossing every ‘T’ and dotting every ‘I’ in the requirements and specification on projects; I’m talking about the much bigger picture – the education of our clients on how this all works. And when I say ‘this’- I’m referring to working with a digital agency.

The least questioned assumptions are often the most questionable. Do you understand how this relationship is going to work? How do we fit into your digital marketing strategy (or more significantly, your organisation)? Who makes the decisions and how are they going to be made? – Obvious questions…maybe not.

This conversation has to take place – and not only with brand new clients – current clients too probably need a refresher. They need to identify with how the agency/client connection works as well as we do. We’re not an internal resource – we’re not an external digital fulfilment house – We’re here to pioneer our clients digital output and provide them with a product/service that they couldn’t harness in-house. However, we cannot assume our clients really appreciate this 100% of the time.

Our clients know their business intimately – they even know their own personal objectives of their role thoroughly and where they fit. But assuming they know how a digital agency works or even how to operate effectively alongside a digital agency is an assumption too far.

Question Everything - Assume Nothing

Digital Agenc ies: Assume Nothing



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