Digital Agencies: Why is the final 5% of a project always the hardest?

Why is the last 5% of a project always the hardest? – Has everyone just lost the enthusiasm and motivation nearing the end – or are we all just anticipating that next, hopefully even more exciting project…?

It all comes down to psychology. A new project is shiny, new, fresh and unspoilt. It’s an exciting time for both client and agency. Everyone involved is super responsive, keen and alert, inspiring all to get the job done. But love the moment, because it doesn’t last for long.

I’m not saying by the end of a 5/6 month project, we’re all ready to keel over or retire to the Maldives – however appealing the white sand and crystal water does seem – we need to remember why we started the project – the objectives, the purpose and the idea. But even more significantly we need to re-establish the client expectations of a finished project. Many project failures come when agencies don’t realise how close they were to success when they called it a day.

Some people relish the final run-in. The pressure and tension to deliver is their carrot on a stick.  These are the guys you want around you in your team. Not the ones who fear the final bug list or ignore the ringing telephone.

Set the stage for the finishing line for the project, re-gain focus and communication and keep ultra organised is my advice. Lock the team away in a room without Twitter if you have to.

The last 5% is without doubt, the hardest to overcome. But remembering you’ve come 95% of the way already should be the driving force to bring it home.

The final 5% is always the hardest

The final 5% is always the hardest


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