Digital Agencies: “We’ll end up with a one-stop-shop model”

Thanks to top Social media commentator and friend/colleague, Rob Murray, for this. The VP of advertising for Coca Cola, Jonathon Mildenhall, has recently been quoted talking about his opinions on the ‘agency model’.

It’s interesting to hear from an influential brand, that a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution could be a favourable option. I wrote a post on this a while back that sparked a great deal of interest – which later led me to believe that a more segmented, specialist discipline approach was the way forward for digital agencies. But perhaps we are getting it right with the ‘Full Service’ tag line.

Also check out fellow agency man, Jon Marks (Head of Development at LBi) post on this subject.



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5 Responses to “Digital Agencies: “We’ll end up with a one-stop-shop model””

  1. macromedia Says:

    Hmm. Is it true? 🙂

  2. Jon Marks Says:

    Good to see some validation for the Full Service Agency model. I was only about 65% sure it is the best approach. Gone up to 70% now.

    The part about Media Planning/Buying is interesting, though. We currently have a massive team that does that. And having it integrated is useful. For example, we can design sites with input from the media buyers to ensure our client will be able to get as much £££ as possible for their ad space.

    I wonder what Mr Mildenhall thinks it will always be separate. Do you Redweb peeps do Media Planning/Buying?

  3. neilpotter Says:

    Hi Jon! – good to see your comments on here.

    The media planning/buying discipline is an interesting one – we don’t get into that at all here, other than perhaps doing some banner creative or, as you say, some wireframe/UX work with advertising space on new sites – besides, a lot of clients work with the really big guys like Mediacom etc who we’d never be able to compete with in negotiating pricing etc. I can see how it works well with a larger agency like LBi though…

    Another discipline we are starting to see fall under the ‘full service’ title is development for mobile platform. We have created a few bits and pieces for this. How about LBi?

    • Jon Marks Says:

      Oh yes. We do mobile dev, especially iPhone. It’s going to be huge. Shouldn’t think about mobile and web as different. They’re the same thing these days …

  4. Kriss Bennett Says:

    Hi Jon, I totally agree. Mobile development has suddenly caught the attention of the masses and everyone wants a piece of the action.

    With better devices and faster connection speeds the opportunities are exciting.

    Like Neil says we have been experimenting with iPhone development which has been fun. (Have you seen What do love/hate about working with Xcode and Objective-C?

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