3 Responses to “Progress is impossible without change”

  1. George Says:

    It depends on whether you want to gauge an agency on an area or as a whole; if it is on areas would it not be judged on what that area is meant to achieve, if it is the agency as a whole, I feel a good gauge is the engagement created from a campaign, which takes into consideration coverage, direction, look, design, simplicity, targeting and involvement?

  2. Jammal Lagoe Says:

    I dont think digital is all about campaigns – so why judge an agency on just that? But engagement with the target audience is key to anything thats successful online. I would judge an agency purely on its ability to deliver excellent quality digital output, with good thought and stratgey behind it, that hits the imaginiation of the intended end-audience. Digital has to me memorable these days.


  3. leeleedigital Says:

    When I was working in the traditional media broadcast advertising world I was astounded how narrowly ‘agency folk’ understood using the web as a marketing channel. I have a lot of appreciation for traditional marketers who have been able to adapt to the net. It really is a departure in thinking from how things are done in traditional media executions.

    Traditional broadcast media, specifically radio commercials, television advertisements both long and short form, have a beginning, middle and an end. I have worked with some incredible writers who were able to succinctly communicate in 15 or 30 second spots what would take me 2 or 3 minutes to convey.

    This talent doesn’t translate to writing a web site. Why? Because a web site doesn’t have a beginning middle and end. Rather, it functions more like a choose your own adventure book. As the user, you get to decide where to go next. Of course, the author might give you some direction as to button to select, but in the end, its your decision.

    New media has no “order”. The most successful campaigns aren’t those that spend the most money, but those that are genuine, simple, flexible and take into account the choose your own adventure nature of the digital world.

    Tell me about your favorites. Visit http://leeleedigital.wordpress.com/ and share your opinions and experiences. Looking forward to reading them. LeeLeeDigital!

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