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How do you make something go viral?

June 25, 2010

I’m cheating a bit and doubling up another post with the Albion Blog, but thought this was worth a mention on here also. On Wednesday morning this week I was overcome with geeky excitement when a picture I posted ‘went viral’.

As much as I hate those words, and find it difficult to comprehend when clients ask for ‘virals’ – It was great to see the power of online word-of-mouth succeed again. I just wonder if this had a company logo in the corner it would have done half as well. Have a read of the full post I wrote here.

The England Muppets


New Beginnings

July 31, 2009

For not wanting to waste too much of my reader’s time on my self-promotion; I’ll keep this brief. When opportunity knocks, you need to get up and answer the door. So with this said, I’m making the move from Redweb to a new agency.

From now on I’ll be turning the value wheel (Dan Hills Quote of the day!) at Albion in Shoreditch. Albion is a super-creative, independent advertising agency with digital at its core. New beginnings, new clients to work with and new things to learn. But don’t worry; I’m not selling out on my Digital Agency roots – it’ll be service as normal on covering all things digital and agency as well as all things digital agency if you catch my drift.

To all the guys at Redweb, It’s been an absolute pleasure. I’ve worked on some great projects with some amazing clients. Thank you.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings