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10 things I’ve learnt in the world of digital and agencies recently…

July 7, 2009

1.   All of a sudden, every agency under the sun is calling themselves Social Media Experts. Having a  Facebook page doesn’t make anyone an expert in social media.

2.   Augmented reality is catching on. When I talk about digital innovation – this is a great example.

3.   Practicing what you preach. Too many agencies are great at preaching about clients digital marketing strategies without considering their own.

4.   People buy people. This age old sales mantra is appropriate more than ever in these tough times.

5.   It’s about more than just the ideas. Anyone can pluck an idea out of the sky, but it’s the ones which can be applied to a client’s business model that add significant value that are worth shouting about.

6.   Sometimes it’s not about winning shiny awards. As much as I enjoyed following Cannes Cyber Lions this year, the best innovations are often understated.

7.   The power of conversational tools such as Twitter shouldn’t be under-estimated. Just ask Habitat and all the agencies featured in this article.

8.   It’s never about a creative’s vision. Sure they can have ideas – but it’s always got to be about the end-audience and the objectives. Be results driven.

9.   Streaming content through mobile platforms is getting there, slowly. They’ve been saying it for ages and it hasn’t taken off (properly) yet. one word – Android.

10.   Spotify will revolutionize the music industry. So what if you can’t download tracks.

Social Media Expert anyone?

Social Media Expert anyone?