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How do you make something go viral?

June 25, 2010

I’m cheating a bit and doubling up another post with the Albion Blog, but thought this was worth a mention on here also. On Wednesday morning this week I was overcome with geeky excitement when a picture I posted ‘went viral’.

As much as I hate those words, and find it difficult to comprehend when clients ask for ‘virals’ – It was great to see the power of online word-of-mouth succeed again. I just wonder if this had a company logo in the corner it would have done half as well. Have a read of the full post I wrote here.

The England Muppets


Revolution’s top ten tweeters #10

October 12, 2009

OK, I’m no Stephen Fry, and I certainly don’t have as many followers as Ashton Kutcher to warrant a verified account – but nevertheless, it was a nice virtual pat on the back to be named alongside some industry heavy weights in  Revolution Magazine’s, Top Ten Tweeters (10th Edition).

I’m a massive advocate of the micro-blogging phenomenon that is, despite what some critics say, still gathering pace. If nothing else, it’s given me a kick up the backside to start blogging a bit more. You’ve been warned.

Revolution Top 10 Tweeters

Revolution Top 10 Tweeters

10 things I’ve learnt in the world of digital and agencies recently…

July 7, 2009

1.   All of a sudden, every agency under the sun is calling themselves Social Media Experts. Having a  Facebook page doesn’t make anyone an expert in social media.

2.   Augmented reality is catching on. When I talk about digital innovation – this is a great example.

3.   Practicing what you preach. Too many agencies are great at preaching about clients digital marketing strategies without considering their own.

4.   People buy people. This age old sales mantra is appropriate more than ever in these tough times.

5.   It’s about more than just the ideas. Anyone can pluck an idea out of the sky, but it’s the ones which can be applied to a client’s business model that add significant value that are worth shouting about.

6.   Sometimes it’s not about winning shiny awards. As much as I enjoyed following Cannes Cyber Lions this year, the best innovations are often understated.

7.   The power of conversational tools such as Twitter shouldn’t be under-estimated. Just ask Habitat and all the agencies featured in this article.

8.   It’s never about a creative’s vision. Sure they can have ideas – but it’s always got to be about the end-audience and the objectives. Be results driven.

9.   Streaming content through mobile platforms is getting there, slowly. They’ve been saying it for ages and it hasn’t taken off (properly) yet. one word – Android.

10.   Spotify will revolutionize the music industry. So what if you can’t download tracks.

Social Media Expert anyone?

Social Media Expert anyone?

Digital Agencies: Why is the final 5% of a project always the hardest?

June 10, 2009

Why is the last 5% of a project always the hardest? – Has everyone just lost the enthusiasm and motivation nearing the end – or are we all just anticipating that next, hopefully even more exciting project…?

It all comes down to psychology. A new project is shiny, new, fresh and unspoilt. It’s an exciting time for both client and agency. Everyone involved is super responsive, keen and alert, inspiring all to get the job done. But love the moment, because it doesn’t last for long.

I’m not saying by the end of a 5/6 month project, we’re all ready to keel over or retire to the Maldives – however appealing the white sand and crystal water does seem – we need to remember why we started the project – the objectives, the purpose and the idea. But even more significantly we need to re-establish the client expectations of a finished project. Many project failures come when agencies don’t realise how close they were to success when they called it a day.

Some people relish the final run-in. The pressure and tension to deliver is their carrot on a stick.  These are the guys you want around you in your team. Not the ones who fear the final bug list or ignore the ringing telephone.

Set the stage for the finishing line for the project, re-gain focus and communication and keep ultra organised is my advice. Lock the team away in a room without Twitter if you have to.

The last 5% is without doubt, the hardest to overcome. But remembering you’ve come 95% of the way already should be the driving force to bring it home.

The final 5% is always the hardest

The final 5% is always the hardest

The First Twitter-Focused Digital Agency

April 9, 2009

I have been taken back with the progress of Twitter over the past 6 months. But when I heard there was a new start-up digital agency focusing purely on Twitter Apps for clients, I thought it was a be-lated April fool. How wrong I was – this is now serious business. Twitter Partners, are a brand new digital agency who are building a suite of apps, tools and services to help brands, media companies, and celebrities harness the power of the Twitter ecosystem (in their own words!).

Working in conjunction with some big name agencies like Razorfish and Latitude, these guys are taking corporate micro-blogging to the next level. And with clients like Virgin Media and Universal Music on their books, they will no doubt attract a great deal of attention in the industry! Rumour has it, that even Twitter themselves are interested in investing an equity stake in the start-up. First mover advantage really does have it’s perks!

According to an article on Brand Republic, Twitter Partners have  approximately 30 staff, mostly engineers, who  focus on technical rather than commercial development of the social media platform. Personally, I think it’s great to see the emergence of new technologies taking digital agencies to the next level.

The New 'Twitter Focused' Digital Agency

The New 'Twitter Focused' Digital Agency

Digital Agencies of Twitter

March 26, 2009

The Twitter revolution is well and truly upon us. But which Digital Agencies have jumped on the bandwagon and started ‘corporate tweeting’?

Econsultancy have put togther a list of who’s doing what on Twitter, and it’s suprising that some of the big guys are bucking the trend. Check out some highlights of the full listing below. Quick plug for Redweb on Twitter – Follow us at Chattered

  • @razorfish – 1,628 followers so far
  • @agencycom – apparently its ‘unofficial’ 
  • @daredigital – an unimpressive 176 followers!
  • @agencyrepublic – only 196 followers
  • @altogther – ONLY 63?
  • @lightmaker – just 43, but we’ll let them off as they only started last month!
  • @cscape – again, they’ve only just joined but some on guys, 33 followers – you can do better than that.

So is it just a matter of time before the likes of LBi , Sapient, Detica and Conchango join the massess, or are these agencies far too big and important to be wasting their time on Twitter?! – Funnily enough, most of their Twitter names are already taken!!


Redweb Chattered on Twitter

Redweb Chattered on Twitter